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Patrick Davis
Group Product Manager at Google August 18
This is a good one; and I'll admit that I've never been the first PM hire in a company, but I have worked to establish a new PM team within an existing structure. Here are my tips: Be humble and go
Virgilia Kaur Pruthi (she/her)
Principal PM Manager / Product Leader at Microsoft | Formerly AmazonJanuary 31
Wonderful, congrats! Get into a rhythm by understanding the business/company goals. Then understand how the tech works (look at the customer/user interface first and then make sure you understand how
Nico Rattazzi
VP of Products at DOZR February 22
Congrats on your new role! Joining as the first PM at a company can be both a blessing and a curse. The first thing to acknowledge is that you are going to be strapped on your time so you need to ruth
David Cutler
VP Product at CookUnity June 30
All Product Managers need to be a sales person at different times in their career. As someone establishing a PM function for the first time, you'll be selling the vision of how an effective product ma
Rupali Jain
Chief Product Officer at March 1
Whether you are the first hire or an early leadership hire that is trying to establish the product management function, the most important aspect is to show value.  Beyond that, there are a few critic