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Samantha Ugulava
Samantha Ugulava
Atlassian Senior Product Manager, Enterprise AgilityNovember 23
A product vision statement is a short, concise, and aspirational set of goals for your product. As a Product Manager, you will need to develop a deep understanding of your company, customers, compeititors, and teammates. Research will depend entirely on your level of understanding of these areas.......Read More
Sriram Iyer
Sriram Iyer
Adobe GM / Head of Strategy, Product & PartnershipsMay 4
Some elements to consider -  1. Market - Market landscape, gaps, and market opportunities. You want to work on an impactful problem area. Key Geos you will play in. etc. 2. Key vectors - I also like to play at the intersection of 2-3 key growth vectors - so I know directionally I am betting i......Read More