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Mary (Shirley) Sheehan
Head of Lightroom Product Marketing at Adobe January 16
Ideally, before a launch, you have worked hand-in-hand with the product team to understand who the product is for, and what product it solves. But if you are coming into a situation where this is not
Hien Phan
Director of Product Marketing at Amplitude March 15
ICP is a funny topic. First, it's not about persona. I think there is confusion around ICP and persona. ICP is about the propensity to buy, which involves firmographic (what kind of company are they f
Priya Gill
Vice President, Product Marketing at Momentive (SurveyMonkey) December 12
If you understand the customer problems or market gaps you’re solving for, then you should be able to hone in on your target buyer and the types of customers you want to attract. It’s a lot easier to
Michele Nieberding 🚀
Head of Solutions Marketing at Iterable January 11
Looking at your current customer base and the characteristics of top customers (I do this based on ARR) is a great place to start! You can focus on relevant characteristics such as: Industry/vertical
Jesse Lopez
Product Marketing Lead - Spend Management at Brex | Formerly Klaviyo, Square, Intuit, PepsiCo, Heineken, MondelezMarch 23
Many methods exist to identify ideal customer profiles (ICP) for your product. The simple approach is to look inwards to understand product-market fit among your existing users. 1) Power Users: Ident
Amanda Groves
Senior Director Product Marketing at Crossbeam | Formerly 6sense, JazzHR, Imagine Learning, AppsemblerJanuary 23
Love this question! I also have to call out we love joking about this acronym and affectionately call it "Insane Clown Posse" like the hip hop duo versus the marketing term. BUT for the industry term.