Product Marketing
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Director of Product Marketing at HubSpot

See this answer for how we work as a 100% distributed company. We work a lot in "public."

As for updates, the entire company publishes bi-weekly updates on a special p2/site that's meant to aggregate the most important updates from each team or division across the company. This is the opportunity for the team to highlight wins, lessons learned, or changes the rest of the company shouldn't miss. And it's great to be able to link to specific project, research, or test results for more details without overwhelming the person reading.

VP of Product & Solutions Marketing at Slack
This is a great question that varies by company size. In a smaller company it may be appropriate to present recent wins in an all-hands from time to time. But at a medium - large company, just like all product marketing, you have to think about your audience first and then plan the message and de...more
VP Product Marketing at Box
The thing I don't do is a weekly/monthly team-based newsletter. I find that these generally take a ton of work, aren't read by many people (we're all busy!), and can too easily veer into a kind of self-promotion that can build resentment within other teams. Instead, we generally focus on cross...more
CMO at Pluralsight
Great question! This is so important. Because product marketing is often the "glue", it’s easy to miss how critical it is to driving company alignment and growth. Make sure that you have a regular cadence of updates and clear/measurable metrics reported to your CMO and Executive team. Being proac...more
VP, Product Marketing at ClickUp
I think a monthly email update, or Slack update sent to the entire company is a great way to update the rest of the organization on the activities and achievements of PMM.  Generally speaking, there is so much noise with all the channels of communication people have to deal with today that somet...more
Director of PMM at Ironclad
We built a system in Coda that enables XFN stakeholders to self-serve needs asynchronously. Coda also allows us to automate email updates to relevant parts of the business. Finally, we've implemented a cadence of regular team presentations and updates on important XFN topics, e.g., market landsca...more
Director, Product and Solutions Marketing at Hopin
One of my favorite parts of being a Product Marketer is that a lot of the work that we do is highly visible and can affect completely different parts of the organization. For example: buyer personas of course help sales sell your product, but they also help your engineering team figure out who th...more
VP of Growth at Verifiable
A variety of mediums, depending on the level of update we're providing: - Announcements in Slack channels across practices - Sales trainings & enablement sessions - Various internal all-hands presentations - Campaign/initiative decks that list out the strategy (targeting/positioning), assets/...more