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Like what are the first things you would check/do?
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Priya Kotak
Product Marketing at Figma February 23
A common pitfall when trying to improve feature/product adoption is to jump straight into tactics. This often results in emails and in-product messaging that doesn’t have the intended impact, and anno
Victoria J. Chin
Chief of Staff, Product at Asana April 28
At Asana, customer empathy and experimentation are not only how we build our product, but who we are. I would start with deeply understanding the customer - what are their needs and motivations? What
Rahul Chhabria
Director of Product Marketing at Sentry October 6
Partner with digital marketing to understand the source that drove the user to your property, the actions they took before converting, and the page they converted on (or where they dropped off). Map
Kacy Boone
Head of Growth Marketing at Clockwise May 25
Get a good handle on your funnel metrics Identify areas in the funnel where there is disproportionate dropoff Once you’ve narrowed in a bit on where in the funnel you want to focus, talk to your cust
Jeff Hardison
Head of Product Marketing at Calendly August 10
Oh, man, big question! It really depends on the product and company. But if I have to generalize...First, I’d try to get crystal clear on what we mean by adoption rate. Is that net-new free signups? I
Jessica Webb Kennedy
Head Of Marketing at Tailscale | Formerly Atlassian (Trello), HubSpot, LyftDecember 8
I'd start with the data! This may mean tapping your data analysts, marketing analysts, basically anybody who is knee-deep in the metrics. What I would do first is attempt to map out the funnel for the