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Josh Chang
Director, Data & Analytics, Revenue Operations, HubSpotJanuary 24

After many years focused on demand generation from a Marketing perspective, I realized that I wanted to be part of a team that helped to drive decisions across the whole organization, rather than focused on a specific team or area like demand generation. I also had a data and strategy oriented skillset that helped me naturally gravitate towards revenue operations. 

Coming from a demand generation background, felt I had enough knowledge of other functions where I could have a bigger impact on the business helping to connect siloed teams instead of continuing to just focus on one area, and really advocate for connection across teams to align individual KPIs to the north star KPI of revenue. 

Brian Vass
Vice President Revenue Operations, PaycorNovember 11

I actually did both! Earlier in my career I was a marketing leader and was resonsible for demand generation. I was always passionate about leveraging technology and measuring the impact that marketing has on the business. I was an early adopter of Salesforce and Marketo, and leveraged these tools to show an ROI on our marketing campaigns. This experience made be a better RevOps leader because I understand how the marketing machine works and can support them through process, technology, and analytics.

If you're in sales or marketing today, and love working with tech/data, consider a move to RevOps!