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Deepak Mukunthu
Senior Director of Product, AI/ML, September 28

If you are referring to individual products using capabilities from broader platform, I would categorize those products are target customer scenarios that the platform enables. As you come up with the roadmap for your platform, you need to work closely with all those scenario owners / customers and align your roadmap to enable those scenarios to succeed. While you decide on platform capabilities based on deep understanding of customer scenarios, if you align the execution of your roadmap with the scenario timeline, you have a higher chances of success. In other words, don't just build a platform but line up your execution to align with the consuming scenario so you can demonstrate clear business impact.

Different companies/teams use differnt tools to align roadmaps. More than aligning roadmaps, you align on success metrics (you can use frameworks like OKR framework) and your execution dependencies/timelines (you can use any schedule tracking tools or excel simplistically).