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Dana Barrett
Head of Global Inbound Marketing at Asana October 15
I started as an IC and was working on a product that was on the verge of being deprecated. Fast forward three years, and I got a promotion and was managing a team of 9 people. How did I do it? Well, t
Pallavi Vanacharla
Vice President Product Marketing at New Relic | Formerly Twilio, Cisco, IntuitMay 27
Promotions! A topic that's on everyone's mind. 😄 If you are just interested in the title, you can move to a smaller company and get the title today. Nothing wrong with it, go for it! And in fact, it m
Hila Segal
VP Product & Customer Marketing at Observe.AI | Formerly Clari, Vendavo, AmdocsJanuary 27
Advancing to a director level can happen as an individual contributor when the scope of the role is expanded, and more responsibility is given to you—for example, leading product marketing for a produ
Leandro Margulis
Head of Product at Prove September 7
I am more about roles than hierarchies, and Sr. Manager or Director may mean different things at different companies depending on their size and level of development / maturity of the company. I would
Julien Sauvage
VP, Corporate and Product Marketing at Clari December 6
The expansion in scope! A director owns a function. Is able to partner with senior leaders and build strong relationships in other departments to establish strategic plans and objectives. Be as metri
Suyog Deshpande
Sr. Director | Head Of Product & Partner Marketing at Samsara November 18
There is no one path but let’s unpack what it means to be a director. It isn’t that the directors know exponentially more or they suddenly become better decision makers. When we all start our careers,
Ryan Goldman
Global VP Marketing at Moloco May 5
Adopt a mentality that focuses on the market first, not the product. That way, you can serve your partners in Product, Engineering, Demand Generation, Revenue, Growth, Sales, Customer Success, etc. in
Noelle Bloomfield
Director of Product Marketing at Gloat | Formerly SalesforceJanuary 31
Be it as an individual contributor, or in a managerial role, moving to become a director requires ownership, impact, and managerial skills. Here's what this means: Ownership: The difference in manage