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Jennifer Ottovegio
Fmr Director of Product Marketing at Narvar October 18

At Narvar, demand generation is under the product marketing umbrella. It helps us closely align on priorities, collaborate on campaign plans, establish goals, and measure revenue impact. This alignment is critical because we want to enact campaigns to generate demand where the business needs it most.


That said, make every effort to treat channel initiatives like campaigns. For example, if we have an event coming up, we want to ensure it fits into a broader campaign strategy. For example, have we have identified the audience for this event? Do we want to engage customers or prospects? Senior buyers or influencers? As we communicate with this audience pre, during, and post event - what is the CTA and desired outcome? How does this event fit into our account-based-marketing (ABM) playbooks or other campaigns?


To summarize, if your channel owners (in this example it’s the event marketer) is accountable for their discrete channel, that allows your Campaign Manager or PMM lead to roll up those efforts across channels into broader strategy for pipeline generation and influence.