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Ajit Ghuman
Director of Product Management - Pricing & Packaging, CXP at Twilio | Formerly Narvar, Medallia, Helpshift, Feedzai, Reputation.comNovember 13
I've answered a similar question in the AMA in response to "Are there ways to test our messaging without spending a dollar on external validation?" In short, there are three main ways to validate mes
Mike Berger
Vice President Product Marketing at ClickUp | Formerly Momentive, Gainsight, MarketoDecember 21
The short answer here is that surveys are probably the most efficient way to validate messaging with customers. It's quick and inexpensive, and can get you a quick read on how well your messaging reso
April Rassa
Product Marketing at Cohere | Formerly Adobe, Box, GoogleSeptember 30
I think I addressed this above.  It's vital for you to get objective opinions about your idea. Chances are you've been exposed to your concept for so long that you've lost the ability to be unbiased.
Elizabeth Brigham
Director, The Jay Hurt Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Davidson College April 29
I'm a fan of the highlighter test method. We generally will take advantage of being present at an event (know this is challenging in today's environment) and take about 20 copies of two versions of ou