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Manav Khurana
Observability Product GM at New Relic October 10
At the highest level, I love announcing the same product multiple times (shhh: don't tell my PR person). The frequency of message makes it easier for your story to stick. Plus, depending on your custo
Marcus Andrews
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at June 25
This is such a great question! At some point every PMM will find themselves in a situation when they are asked to launch a product that just isn’t ready. It’s always a mistake to go too early (launc
Sahil Sethi
Senior Vice President, Product Marketing at BetterUp | Formerly Klaviyo, Qualtrics, Microsoft, MckInseyOctober 9
Lets define some terms Release - product is ready to to be used by customers. Release can be in various forms - limited preview/private preview, beta release, Generall available Launch - a set of ma
Pulkit Agrawal
Co-founder & CEO at Chameleon February 4
You may wish to consider a launch just for existing customers, while it's still an MVP. This will give you a chance to fine-tune the launch messaging, garner feedback (and quotes) and prepare you for
Dave Daniels
Founder at BrainKraft March 21
Announce and launch are two different things. You can launch without announcing and you can announce without launching. Launch is a process (which Manav is alluding to), it's not a point in time.