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2 Answers
Christy Roach
Christy Roach
Airtable Senior Director, Portfolio & Engagement Product MarketingDecember 28
1. Usage Based Pricing is popular for many reasons. I don’t have the exact answer but my hunch is that there are more and more products built to be use by broader swaths of users than there used to be. In this world, a software bill can often get bloated with folks who signed up or g......Read More
Daniel Kish
Daniel Kish
Gong Director of Pricing & Packaging StrategyNovember 10
The short answer is: think really hard about your buyer.  Usage-based pricing makes a huge amount of sense for small teams who want to experiment.  Hence why you see startups moving fast with dev on AWS or engineers coding on Twilio.  What do most UBP products have in common? The thing y......Read More