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Patrick Davis
Group Product Manager at Google August 18
Thank you for the question and I'm sure this is exactly not the answer you're looking for which is, "it depends" You're balancing building trust and relationships, understanding your users and the bu
Zeeshan Qamruddin
Senior Director of Product Management, Fintech at HubSpot | Formerly Segment, WeWork, AirbnbApril 11
The great thing about being the first hire is something that is also great about Product Management: there is room for interpretation. My philosophy has always been more heavily focused on understandi
Suhas Manangi
Group Product Manager at Airbnb June 6
First PM in a company! I have not done it, nor have anyone in close network to have a good understanding. My guess is that they have to establish right roles/responsibilities on what to carve out from
D Matthew Landry
VP Product Management, Cisco Wireless at Cisco February 23
Honestly, the first product manager for a company is probably not ready to establish a prioritization framework. The first PM probably needs to focus on customer discovery, market discovery, MVP intu
Clara Lee
VP, Product & Operations (WooCommerce) at Automattic March 24
There are many great approaches to this question – and to some extent, it will depend on what the company values. If you're a first Product Manager, it is most important that customer needs / expectat
Rosa Villegas
Senior Director of Product, Central Technology at Zynga August 2
There are a few different vectors to consider here. There is the effort/impact matrix, which is pretty good at helping identify low hanging fruit - essentially mapping out potential workstreams on a 2
Jacqueline Porter
Director of Product Management at GitLab December 7
This is a great question about how to pave the way for two things: product strategy and product management execution. I can see this being applicable to not only first Product hires at start-ups, but
Pavan Kumar
Group Product Manager at Gainsight March 2
Know your customer - Often this can just be the investor in the company/company owner. Meet their basic expectations from the product first, and win their confidence. Aim to build a functional protot
Ashka Vakil
Sr. Director, Product Management at Mezmo December 13
The product manager's primary responsibility is to ensure that the right product is delivered to the market at the right time. In order to do this effectively, you will need to establish a framework f
Luca Beltrami
Head of Product, Retailers at Faire June 14
When you are the first PM, you are straddling several priorities: Finding product market fit Scaling the team Scaling the product The biggest failure mode is trying to do 2 and 3 before you do 1: As
Tamar Hadar
Senior Director of Product at The Knot Worldwide | Formerly Trello (Atlassian)February 2
As a first PM, you will need to be very judicious with how you allocate your time and resources. In fact, I think that’s true for larger companies as well. There are always going to be more ideas than
Janet Brunckhorst
Director of Product Management at Aurora Solar October 27
The fundamentals of prioritization are not too different when you're the first at a company. But in the early stages of a company or product, it's even more important to focus.  At an early stage com
David Cutler
VP Product at CookUnity June 30
In my experience a prioritization framework is foundational to establishing a great working relationship within your own team and stakeholders. I'd also argue that if executed well in the beginning, t