Matt Hodges
Head of Product Marketing Craft at Atlassian

For guidance on how to build messaging, see my answer to, What are good messaging framework resources that you use?. In terms of how to validate it, I’d recommend a combination of the following tactics:


  • Talk to your customers: Invest time talking to and learning from your prospective and existing customers. Specifically, listen to how they describe the problems they have, the pain points they experience, and what a better world would look like for them (in their minds).
  • Partner with your sales team: Your sales team are on the frontlines and spend a lot of time talking to prospective and existing customers understanding their needs. Work with them to test your messaging on calls and in conversations. It’s amazing and eye-opening to simply listen in on a sales call, or watch a live chat conversation unfold, and hear/see what resonates and what doesn’t. It's so, so valuable.
  • Conduct user tests: We're fortunate enough to have a dedicated Research team that we can partner with to test our messaging and positioning, particularly for new product and feature launches, to validate our own assumptions and ensure the story we are telling resonates and makes sense.
  • Run A/B tests: To the extent you can (you need volume), run A/B tests on your primary marketing assets (e.g. ads, landing pages) to see which messages drive the best conversion and LTV throughout the funnel.
Anjali T. Cameron
Head of Marketing at Landed
Similar to the question above on uncovering buyer trends, I’d suggest starting broad and then going narrow to develop market driven messaging. Start with a few key insights about your target market and their pain points. I leverage personas for this. If you don’t have them, the work should start ...more
Daniel Palay
Head Of Product Marketing at 3Gtms
Are you talking about messaging specifically (precise wording) or a more general positioning? If it's the former, then I think Lia is correct. For the latter it takes some pretty heavy primary research. The way I do it is by spending time with a client's customers, prospects, or others who would ...more
Lia Kauffmann Schüler
Product Marketing Coordinator at Resultados Digitais
Talk to your customers, write 3 messaging options and ask them wich one they think that explain better what you want to say (or better connect with their pain/or make you different). We used SurveyMonkey combined with some challenges in our community platform to validate. And sometimes A/B tes...more
Dave Daniels
Founder at BrainKraft
Product positioning/value propositions/messages are developed for people (personas) in markets. The first step is to identify the personas that influence a buying decision for your products. When you understand that, you can dive into the problems each persona is experiencing and develop a value ...more