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Harish Peri
Head of Product Marketing - Security, Developer Services & Hyperforce at Salesforce August 2
Ideally, very early on. If your org uses an agile methodology, its best if PMMs get involved at the release planning or 'epic' phase to help shape the bigger direction. Its not ideal for PMMs to get
Mandy Schafer
Director of Product Marketing at Mastercard July 14
As the PMM, you often may know more about the product that the product may know. This is due to the nature of PMM having a birds eye view across the entire company with how your features fit in with t
Sangita Sarkar
Head Of Marketing at Immutable November 12
As a representative of the consumer voice and market demand, PMMs' involvement in product development from the early stages is critical to success. More specifically, Product Marketers can make themse