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Stacey Wang
Director of PMM, IroncladJune 29
* High growth mindset / hunger to continuously improve. * Great negotiators. We sit at the intersection of a lot of teams and needs! PMMs need to be skilled not just at bringing value, but negotiating priorities. * Great collaborators. PMMs can't drive impact if they can't collaborate. * Can't emphasize enough the importance of empathy, especially when it comes to XFN work!
Gregg Miller
VP of Product Marketing, Oyster®September 27
Communication: You simply must be a good communicator to be a stellar product marketer. So much of our discipline requires strong communication in order to provide clarity (both externally and internally) and develop and exercise influence. Strong communication to me spans written skills, presentation creation skills, public speaking skills, and executive presence.  Adaptability: The potential list of things you might work on as a product marketer is so incredibly long and diverse! Someone who is excited by the chance to parachute into new situations and create new deliverables they've nev...
Christy Roach
Head of Portfolio & Engagement Product Marketing, AirtableNovember 17
I'm going to admit upfront that I answered this in a previous AMA, so I'll copy and paste that same answer here. A year later, I can truly say that these continue to be the things I think are most important for a PMM to have. Almost all hard PMM skills can be taught, but these soft skills are much more valuable to me because they come from the PMM themselves. I can model the behavior, but each individual is responsible for whether or not they exhibit these traits.  Cross-functional excellence: As a PMM, you have the opportunity to lead without being a manager of people. A strong product m...
Alina Fu
VP Product Marketing, G2November 30
Because Product Marketing is at the cross-section between Marketing, Product and Sales, there are times when they are barely treading water to keep up with all the product launches, become a “catch all” function or have multiple conflicting stakeholder priorities. Thus, I think these additional other soft skills are must-haves to succeed in product marketing. Takes Initiative: Acts ahead of need/anticipates problems, proactively sees things through, steps up to challenges even when things are not going well Results Orientated: Focuses on and drives toward delivering on goals, documents ac...
Valerie Angelkos
Product Marketing Lead, Plaid | Formerly GoogleMay 24
A couple of others that come to mind: 1. Excellent communication skills and the ability to adapt these to the right audience - whether that's for consumers at scale, customers, or internal stakeholders. 2. Cross-functional influence - PMMs sit in between customers/consumers, Sales, Marketing, Product and even more functions depending on the organization. The ability to rally folks towards a common goal and bring everyone along is critical. 3. Related to curiosity - that constant need to understand the end user, whether that's consumers or customers, and continue to study their pain poi...
Loren Elia
Director of Product Marketing, HoneyBook
This is challenging indeed and something I've had to deal with at every company I've worked for. What I've fund helps keep me and the business teams sain is to plan to launch features 14 days after the official planned released date. This makes product nervous most of the time, but most of the time they're also delayed so it all works out in the end. 
Lisa Dziuba
Head of Product Marketing, LottieFiles | Formerly WeLoveNoCode (made $3.6M ARR), Abstract, Flawless App (sold)July 23
As I spend a decade working in product marketing at high-growth startups, I'll focus on must-have soft skills for PMM in a fast-growing startup: * Hight user empathy: PMM should absolutely love talking to users. In most startups, personas, ICPs, value props, messaging, product features need to be constantly improved. This is normal to search for the best users to provide your features, with the best value prop and messaging. That's the essence of working in startups: build, learn, iterate. And it's impossible to do without talking to users, constantly. * Ability to le...
Marcus Andrews
Director of Product Marketing,
Not sure if these are "technical skills" Product Marketing isn't a technical job, it's a communications job. But the three biggest hard skills that will help you succeed in PMM and that I interview for are.  Creative Generalist: Does the candidate bring a strong generalist marketing background. Do they understand the basics of demand gend, design, brand, video, etc. PMM is one place having a broad set of experiences is truly helpful.  Excellent Storyteller: Can the candidate tell a persuavie product driven story? Can they clearly communicate a complicated technical product? Can they write...