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2 Answers
Christy Roach
Christy Roach
Airtable Senior Director, Portfolio & Engagement Product MarketingNovember 17
Having a passionate community of users was one of the things that made me sure that Airtable would be a great company to join. If you see a product that has a huge group of people who are invested in it, love using it, and want to provide whatever feedback they can to make it better, that’s when ......Read More
Madison Leonard 🕶
Madison Leonard 🕶
Product Marketing & Growth AdvisorDecember 7
Leveraging your existing user base can be done in a number of ways, but if I could highlight only one thing it would be this: have someone dedicated to it full-time.  You can moderate communities on Slack, Discord, LinkedIn, etc. But it's a lot of work to not only deliver value on a daily basi......Read More