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If a company has many product offerings, what's the best way not to overwhelm customers, and at the same time, give each product manager the "spotlight" they're asking for?
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Sophia (Fox) Le
Product Marketing at Glassdoor June 3
When a company has many product offerings, getting really clear on who you are targeting will be critical to ensure that you are "spotlighting" the right product/features/packages to the audience most
Priyanka Srinivasan
Head of Product & Growth Marketing at Qualia August 24
This is a great question. I'd say this becomes even more complex / challenging if you have not only mulitple products, but also multiple audiences, which we do.  One way to think about this is in the
Jiong Liu
Senior Director of Product Marketing at Wiz August 3
One method for doing this is to understand buying patterns, natural bundling that may be occurring and determining what initiatives/projects your customers are undertaking when they purchase your prod