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James Huddleston
Head of Marketing at Skedulo December 16
I’ve always had the most success when making sure I am putting myself in the shoes of my potential customer and framing the message within the context of a story. This means making sure you understand
Jon Rooney
Vice President Product Marketing at Unity | Formerly Splunk, New Relic, Microsoft, OracleMarch 12
Some years ago, I was running a PMM team at Splunk when we introduced a new product that was a persona-driven solution for IT built on top of the core platform - it even featured machine learning capa
Aliza Edelstein
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Brex December 2
Oh, this is a fun question! The best successes, for me, have been when our metrics have improved as a direct result of the messaging (which you can determine through testing and isolating the variable