Product Marketing
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Head of Marketing at Instacart

I map our PMM team to the PM team so that one PMM is embedded in each program team and can serve as the cross-functional lead for that area. Each PMM works with their PM and XFN team to establish team OKRs at the start of the quarter, and the PMM takes on full or shared ownership over a subset of the OKRs - typically we take full ownership of adoption/growth OKRs and shared ownership over launch OKRs. The PMM sets their day-to-day priorities to align with those OKRs and my role as a manager is to empower/unblock them while also working with them to develop their craft as a Product Marketer. For direct reports, I meet weekly for a 1:1 and use a structured template to make sure we maximize our time together. I also like to do regular skip levels with all team members to review progress vis-a-vis goals and to talk through Personal Development Plans to ensure that their work is laddering up to their long-term goals.