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And are they still prevalent?
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Savita Kini
Director of Product Management, Speech and Video AI at Cisco July 23
I believe that many of the new gen companies might be using datasheet as a product overview document. Perhaps just calling it Product Overview or At-A-Glance versus Datasheet is better. Datasheet migh
Mike Flouton
VP, Product at Barracuda Networks March 30
Datasheets are still a bread and butter artifact in B2B. Over the past 10 years, best in class datasheets have gotten much more visual and easier to scan. The days of paragraphs of text are long over.
Anand Patel
Director of Product Marketing at Appcues September 11
It could just be a naming convention, as we tend to produce sales sheets/one-pagers, which serve a similar purpose. As Mike mentioned, we focus on the problems and value rather than specifics of featu
Sherri Schwartz
Head of Marketing at OvationCXM | Formerly First Orion, Zafin, nCinoJanuary 28
Datasheets are still very valuable. We structure our data sheets to hit on the industry overview/challenge, our benefits/value and then wrap up with a section to some of our high-level features. Even
RJ Gazarek
Principal Product Marketing Manager at Refactored Marketing, LLC | Formerly Veracode, Atlassian, AmplitudeJanuary 17
We have actually opted, with support from Sales, to move away from Datasheets all together. The primary reason being that we are a relatively fast moving company, and in many cases we have products t
Gaurav Harode
Founder at Enablix October 30
Yes. Datasheets are still relevant and important. They are not going to close the business or even move you much in the sales cycle but they are an important asset. Especially during the introduction