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Christiana Rattazzi
VP, Industry & Solutions Marketing, OktaNovember 1

I love this question, as I've spent time across these related organizations in my career (Product Marketing, Solutions Marketing and Industry Marketing). 

Typically, Industry and Solutions Marketing consider the audience and business outcomes related to the combination of multiple products (and sometimes multiple products + tech partners). 

Industry will be considering the specific audience (often a vertical like Fin Serv or Healthcare) whereas Solutions will be thinking about it horizontally. 

For example - a company might have a PMM for raspberries, one for strawberries and one for blueberries - but a Solutions marketer will market the Mixed Berry Fruit Salad. And Industry marketer will market the Kids Berry Bowl (see what I did there? specific audience!). Industry and Solutions marketers will need to partner closely with the PMMs to ensure the fruits are compatible, that they will deliver on the outcomes expected, and that we're pricing it accordingly.

An overly simplistic view (of course) - but hope this helps!