Akshay Kerkar
Head of Marketing, Cloud Enterprise & Platform at Atlassian

Great question! Demand Gen team tend to be bigger than PMM teams, and also have access to a lot more budget :) Modern PMM teams should consider pipeline (and ultimately revenue) to be their primary success metric. If PMM teams are led based on this approach, it drives perfect alignment with our DG partners since DGF is typically on the hook to generate sufficient pipeline for Sales every quarter.

In my experience, the best way to work w/ DG is to consider them to be true partners. PMMs are experts on the “who” (i.e. target personas) and “why” (messaging for these personas) while DG is the expert on the “how” (channels/tactics to reach these personas). If the two teams take a collaborative approach on everything from brainstorming campaign themes to execution and performance tracking, it usually leads to great outcomes and a shared purpose.

Imo, the wrong approach is for PMM to play a very tactical content-creation role when it comes to campaigns.

Savita Kini
Director of Product Management, Speech and Video AI at Cisco
Love your above answer.  Even campaign plans have to be defined together because demand gen team will need guidance on  - who to target  - type of customers - segments, size, revenue, etc  - what type of campaign - lead gen, awareness, account-based marketing campaign, nurturing existing cu...more
Feng Hong
Global Product Marketing Manager at TikTok
Always an interesting question. 1. What's the leadership structure of the marketing team? 2. Is there a director of product marketing 3. and what does the demand gen team expect from the PMM team? To me, those sorts of things dictate the relationship between the two. Also, if a company is...more
April Rassa
Vice President of Product Marketing at HackerOne
Addressed a similar question related to Campaign teams earlier. Please refer to that response.  In short, Product marketing is the vital work of developing a customer lifecycle journey, pricing, sales support materials, analyst relations, and press. Demand generation consumes the outputs from pr...more
Jeff Hardison
Head of Product Marketing at Calendly
First, I try real hard to let go of my ego and temporarily forget about the past (e.g., how I worked with demand gen in another company). Every company’s marketing department is structured differently, and it’s important to quickly adapt. Then, I try to be human and have a conversation with each...more
Kevin Au
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Bill.com
At Bill.com, we work extremely close to our growth marketing teams. They are a critical partner as we launch and scale-up our growth. Both groups have their strengths. For the PMM, we have the deep knowledge about the customer needs to clearly articulate the value prop that will resonate most wit...more
Natalie Louie
Head of Marketing at MobileCoin
As a PMM I’ve always had a close relationship with demand gen, from startups to public companies. Here’s what we do together and what we each own separately: Together we discuss themes and ideas but demand gen owns the tactics and PMM owns the strategy. We both own the results. Demand Gen: focu...more
Elizabeth Brigham
Director, The Jay Hurt Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Davidson College
Hi everyone! Great to be here with you today! Thanks for sending me so many thoughtful questions...digging in now! This is a tricky one as I've seen 3 different models in my recent career history: * Mid-sized tech company where product marketing and demand gen were separate groups, yet co...more
Chris Glanzman
Director of Product Marketing & Demand Generation at ESO | Formerly Fortive
At smaller companies, DG/Growth and Product Marketing are typically the same team (or person!), and the two functions should try to work just as closely together as companies grow. The hub of this collaboration is campaign ideation and design. As the teams formulate their GTM hypotheses ("campaig...more
Jennifer Ottovegio
Director of Product Marketing at Narvar
In my experience, product marketing is the nucleus of the marketing team - driving and informing strategy for demand generation, sales enablement, and other channel owners (field, content, etc).   Good Product Marketers first need to know what is coming down the pipeline (on the product side) a...more