Alina Fu
VP Product Marketing at G2

I partner very closely with the VP of Rev Marketing to make sure we have a coordinated funnel strategy. We are in constant communication and alignment for acquisition, conversion and retention. In addition, product marketing measures deals influenced for attribution. Our product marketing team’s metrics are quite different from rev marketing team’s metrics, so I don’t feel the need to own more of TOFU. However, I have a vested interest in conversion and retention, which is where my product marketing leans in most heavily.

It depends on the type of organization you’re in (marketing-led, sales-led, product-led) and your relationship with Rev Marketing. I have mostly worked in product-led environments, so product marketing isn’t reactive to rev growth, but rather a main stakeholder in coming up with the campaign concept, putting together the strategy and plan, and working with rev marketing to execute it.

Natalie Louie
Head of Marketing at MobileCoin
PMMs can be more proactive to own more of the funnel and customer journey when they expand their expertise to have a say in or own the pricing and packaging strategy. PMMs already connect the dots between customers and products and know how to deliver value across the entire customer journey. We...more
Elizabeth Brigham
Director, The Jay Hurt Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Davidson College
I'm not sure I'm fully understanding the premise of the latter half of this question, so I will address the first part. For those interested in this question, if you can provide me more explanation around what you mean by "support revenue growth reactively," I'm happy to respond. On the former...more
Dave Daniels
Founder at BrainKraft
I'll guess you're frustrated with reacting to what your sales team wants rather than what it needs. Instead of "own" I'd like you to focus more on "influence". You will do yourself a huge favor if you map the Buyers Journey and start to analyze where sales deals fall apart. Focus on finding the s...more