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Sina Falaki
Head of Industry, Segment, and Solutions Marketing at Motive | Formerly ProcoreSeptember 20
Great question - Because I am so focused on Industry Marketing right now, I have it divided between Product Marketing KPIs and Industry Marketing KPIs:  For Product Marketing:  Conversions NARR  Att
Kristen Kanka
Head of Product Marketing, Enterprise Solutions at Morningstar | Formerly CaptureX, Medline IndustriesJanuary 26
Revenue - this should specificially be marketing contributed or influenced.  Retention - this is typically a percentage and the target number will be dependent on the maturity of your prodcut line. I
Scott Ivell
International Product Marketing at Stripe | Formerly Adobe, SalesforceSeptember 7
It does depend somewhat on where you are in your growth and how broad your portfolio is, but i think along 3 'north star' metric dimensions: Business KPI, that PMM indirectly influence: SQLs, Win Rat