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Alina Fu
Head of Marketing for Viva Goals and Learning (Director) at Microsoft January 25
All size companies have their own set of challenges. From what I’ve heard from colleagues and friends, Series A companies may be more challenging for PMMs because of where they are in their product-ma
Christy Roach
Senior Director, Portfolio & Engagement Product Marketing at Airtable October 8
Great question! I've been lucky to work at a wide range of companies and while each was satisfying and challenging in their own way, I've definitely figured out what works best for me. For me, working
Mike Flouton
VP, Product at Barracuda Networks November 15
This will vary highly depending on the person and org. In a large enterprise, your PMM job will be narrowly defined, both from a scope of responsibilities standpoint and in terms of the product you ar
Jeff Chamberlain
Sr Dir Product Marketing at Origami Logic December 20
That's really a factor or where you are in your career. I started my product marketing career at HP (back in the 1980s) and that was fantastic as they had processes in place and great employee educati