Mary (Shirley) Sheehan
Group Manager, Engagement & Retention Campaigns at Adobe

A few things that I've tried out that have been helpful depending on your time / budget: 


1) Survey to your user base (or prospects) allowing them to choose the homepage (or ad / whatever visual) with their favorite message. Have up to 5 and let them rank them. Then ask what they liked about the message. Super easy / scrappy. Just make sure each has the same visual so you're not confounding the results. 


2) AdWords - Put ads in an ad group on "rotate" (instead of optimize) which helps you get close to an A/B test 


3) Classic email headline A/B test - see which ones get the best open rates.


Hope that helps! 

Derek Frome
Vice President Marketing at
Painted door tests are your friend here (google it). You could create two or three landing pages with different message variants, each of which leads to a "request access" form. Depending on what your campaign is for, your message testing could be as simple as running it by product managers or ac...more
Catlyn Origitano
Senior Director Product Marketing at Fivetran
We do - but we are also iterating here as we speak! In the past, I have reached out to some customers and folks I know in the industry to sit down and do some quick validation on messaing. For example, when we launched our new website and put up our first billboards, we had a good sense of what w...more
Gehrig Kunz
Technical Product Marketing Manager at Confluent
One thing I've seen past success with is testing out a message with a small subset of users and adjusting prior to blasting your entire database. Same could be done for emails, ads, landing pages, etc. For a quick example of email: send an a/b test email to 300 people. See the results, then d...more