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Marcus Andrews
Marcus Andrews Sr. Director of Product MarketingJune 26
There are a number of ways we keep everyone up to date on the progress during a launch. Luckily at HubSpot we also have project managers to help us. I’ll say it, I’m not a good project manager. It’s another level of organization that I was just not born with. These people really help during this ......Read More
Bryan Sise
Bryan Sise
Checkr VP of Product & Customer MarketingJune 2
I think the process of communicating about a launch to internal stakeholders starts with identifying the goals of the launch. As you consider launch goals and how you’ll measure goal attainment, it’s useful to distinguish between: 1) Channel metrics. These are metrics that show how many people y......Read More
LaShaun Williams
LaShaun Williams
Observable VP, MarketingMay 10
We communicate updates and progress two ways. For each launch, we create a Slack channel specific to that launch and the people directly involved in decision-making and execution. Whether it is private or public depends on the culture of your organization. We also have a public marketing Slack ch......Read More
Daniel J. Murphy
Daniel J. Murphy
Marketing Strategy ConsultantSeptember 23
Slack, wiki and weekly meetings.  There's no one tool. But the approach is overcommunicate everything. Repeat information, go through a launch plan twice a week with the team, just spend time practicing and covering all the details.  The launch plan is created in an internal wiki (whole com......Read More