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Vishal Naik
Product Marketing Lead at Google | Formerly DocuSignDecember 7
For your sake, I'd hope that if your research shows that MVP doesnt equate to a value add for your customers, that causes your product team to make a full stop and push. That said, at this point I thi
Abhiroop Basu
Product Manager at Square January 13
This happens a lot more than you might think. The Product team looks at the market and decides to build a feature. The feature is rolled out as an early alpha and customers are disappointed. What do y
Sunny Manivannan
Vice President & GM, Global SMB at Braze June 17
The first time this happens at your company (assuming the MVP is already built), you have to let the product launch and (likely) fail in the market. There's likely too much internal momentum around th
Anna Wiggins
Sr. Director Product Marketing, Insights, Copy & Content at Bluevine August 12
Great question and tough but interesting situation. Ideally this research is not coming in right before launch and you have time to adjust. I would want to understand if as a result of the research we