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Christiana Rattazzi
VP, Industries & Platform Product Marketing at Okta November 2
A Lead should be able to drive a strategic, cross-functional effort and solve issues without any defined structure. Some things I might look for: Messaging - can independently define product (and cro
Mike Berger
Vice President Product Marketing at ClickUp | Formerly Momentive, Gainsight, MarketoNovember 11
Here are some ways to think about the move from Sr. PMM to Lead:Skills Sr. PMM - You have advanced product marketing skills and significant experience in the field. Based on your expertise, you regul
Suyog Deshpande
Sr. Director | Head Of Product & Partner Marketing at Samsara November 19
Answered a similar question on "Sr.PMM to Director". Here's my response for that question:  There is no one path but let’s unpack what it means to be a director. It isn’t that the directors know expo
Julien Sauvage
VP, Corporate and Product Marketing at Clari December 6
Owning an entire product line! Or an entire fucntion - like awareness, enablement, etc. I actually think soft skills is what your CMO/ VP PMM is likely to look at - your ability to manage your cross-