Product Marketing
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VP, Industry Solutions at Okta

A Lead should be able to drive a strategic, cross-functional effort and solve issues without any defined structure.

Some things I might look for:

  • Messaging - can independently define product (and cross-product) positioning and secure the right buy-in from cross-functional stakeholders to move forward
  • Interpersonal skills - someone who can navigate complex team dynamics and can effectively influence key stakeholders
  • Strategic thinking - proactively surfaces the most impactful initiatives and brings focus to them
  • Execution - influences the prioritization of key projects and sets accurate expectations internally

Vice President, Product Marketing at
Owning an entire product line! Or an entire fucntion - like awareness, enablement, etc. I actually think soft skills is what your CMO/ VP PMM is likely to look at - your ability to manage your cross-functional partners, measure and show impact, build your annual strategic plan, etc. Need ex...more
VP, Product Marketing at ClickUp
Here are some ways to think about the move from Sr. PMM to Lead: Skills * Sr. PMM - You have advanced product marketing skills and significant experience in the field. Based on your expertise, you regularly work to define the scope of your role and build on your skillset. * Lead - You h...more
Product, Partner & Developer Marketing Leader at Samsara
Answered a similar question on "Sr.PMM to Director". Here's my response for that question:  There is no one path but let’s unpack what it means to be a director. It isn’t that the directors know exponentially more or they suddenly become better decision makers. When we all start our careers, ...more