Daniel Kuperman
Head of Product Marketing, ITSM at Atlassian

When your messaging needs to be reworked there are typically multiple signs pointing this way. Not only your reps may not be getting traction, but your competitive losses start climbing, fewer qualified leads enter the funnel, and when talking with customers you start hearing more “you were cheaper than the competition” instead of “we saw greater value in your product”. Analysts (Gartner, Forrester, etc.) can also help serve as early warning signs that your messaging needs work, as they will flatly tell you that you sound just like everyone else. I’ve been there and it hurts but is a great wake-up call.

This why it is so critical for product marketers to conduct win/loss analysis and also to occasionally sit on sales calls. Now, if you see that leads are coming in, the pipeline is growing but deals are getting stuck, this could be an indicator that the sales team is not being able to convey your value prop or that they are having difficulty in clearly articulating why your solution is different. In this case, more training or enablement can help.

The biggest risk we have is waiting too long to diagnose the problem. The ideal scenario is when you can intercept the problem before it becomes too big, and this is where sales enablement tools like MindTickle come into place. They can help you identify if reps are able to deliver your message by providing virtual role-plays and allowing you to measure their effectiveness before they even start talking to customers. Using tools like Gong or Chorus can also help as you are able to listen to call recordings and identify patterns that might be hindering a salesperson's effectiveness. 

Christine Sotelo-Dag
Group Product Marketing Manager at Intercom
I often see marketing spending a lot of time understanding the customer - doing customer research, and interviews, but completely bypassing understanding sales and their interaction with customers.  Sitting in, and/or listening to recorded calls can really help inform - not only if your messagin...more
Katie Gerard
Product Marketing Lead at Klaviyo
I'd watch some recorded sales rep calls to form my own opinion on what's going on. I'd also follow up with the rep to get their perspective on challenges. Once you've diagnosed the problem, there's a few steps you can take: * Is the rep nailing your talk track but the customer just isn't convin...more
Dave Kong
Head of Product Marketing at Scale AI
So if the main problem is: The message isn’t resonating with our audience, what should we do? I would break this into two separate pieces, similar to what you already have thought of above. * Does messaging need to be reworked? * Are my sales reps delivering this adequately? Does messaging ne...more
Daniel Palay
Head Of Product Marketing at 3Gtms
The first question I'd ask is how the messaging seems to be resonating in the market otherwise. If consistent messaging is used both by sales and with your other marketing programs, then you can better gauge differences in how customers react to the messaging when delivered each way.  If you f...more
Nandini Jammi
Senior B2B Copywriter at Freelance
I think Dave's answer covers a lot here, so consider me co-signed. I do want to add a few things though:  1. The problem is almost always the messaging. If you have developed a clear narrative and messaging for the customer segment, it would take an extraordinarily untalented sales rep to mess...more