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Stacey Wang
Director of PMM, IroncladDecember 11
(Hot take?) I, too, am wary when product marketers' stated/primary motive is to "influence the roadmap" b/c influencing the roadmap is just a means to an end; it's not the end itself. (This is perhaps a slim bone to pick, but in my experience, genuine collaborative intent makes all the difference b/w a trusting/productive partnership vs. a guarded/challenging one.) Once there is right intent, you can influence the roadmap by becoming the absolute authority in the world (yes, I said world) in your market, customer, and story. A few key things to get right: (1) Aligning on success metrics. ...
Eileen Buenviaje Reyes
VP, Product and Growth Marketing, 1Password | Formerly Dropbox, SurveyMonkey, LinkedInFebruary 8
Of course Product Managers are wary. They don’t know what “influencing the product roadmap” might mean and everything about it signals a loss of their control and autonomy. It’s important to reframe the situation to minimize the ambiguity and negative stigma associated with it. Product Management and Product Marketing should not be a “them versus us” relationship. Instead, it’s a “we” relationship where we share the same goal of making sure the product roadmap meets the needs of the customer and business. By taking the focus off one function trying to control the other and putting the focus...
Daniel Waas
VP Product Marketing, AppFolioApril 4
You need to earn your seat at the table by repeatedly bringing fresh insights and a distinct point of view to the table. To influence product strategy and the roadmap you need to take a broader view of your market and the customers than your friends on the product management team. Invest in a deep understanding of your customers, your competitors, and the market at large. If you do this well your product counterparts will start to understand and appreciate the value you bring.
RJ Gazarek
Group Product Marketing Manager, AmplitudeMarch 2
A quick win you can do, to gain trust - is ask from your PM for a list of features that are on the roadmap or consideration for the roadmap, that do not have engineers working on yet. Take those features, and use whichever your favorite feature prioritization method is, and conduct some customer/market survey based research to provide a feature importance report back to your PM. I can promise you that your PMs are hungry for as much data to make an informed decision, if you can come back with information that the market cares about "these features" the most, and that for "these features the...
Dave Kong
Head of Product Marketing, Scale AIFebruary 15
If approached with those terms, I would be wary too. For example, imagine PMs coming to you and told you that they wanted to influence the marketing roadmap. If you heard this, I’d imagine you’d tell them politely to go to hell. What do they know about marketing? What do you know about building a product? Can’t be that hard? The core challenge denoted above is actually the relationship between PM and PMM. It’s not “not being able to influence the product roadmap." Think about what you’re trying to achieve together. You aren’t trying to influence the product roadmap for the sake of influ...
Priya Gill
Vice President, Product Marketing, Momentive
Not sure I completely answer the question. Typically when I ask candidates to give a presentation, it's less about the specific products they're presenting, but rather HOW they present it. Can the candidate articulate how they effectively approached their GTM strategy, from ideation to execution and beyond. Can they effectively launch a product/feature and properly engage the right cross-functional partners to make that launch a success? Are they outcome-oriented and think about the metrics they're trying to drive with a given launch? Those are just a few things that I would be looking for ...
Savita Kini
Director of Product Management, Speech and Video AI, CiscoJanuary 5
This is an interesting topic since I have worn both hats - product manager and product marketing, in case of formal multi-product solutions with SKUs -- I wore all-in-one hat. Most recently at BabbleLabs as well - it was all-in-one. My learnings from these experiences if I had a product marketer -- here's what I would have appreciated  1) Thorough research on the market /industry segment including data that helps us assess the business opportunity, pricing and packaging vis-a-vis competition or lack there off  2) In some companies - when they have PMs with more technical background, Produ...
Brianne Shally
Head of Product Marketing, Nextdoor
Sharing the product roadmap externally is a great way to share the company's vision, investment in innovation, and upcoming features to get prospects and customers excited about the potential. It can be a strong selling tool to get prospects on board and a resource to get current customers to invest more. What's important is that the roadmap isn't standing on it own, but partnered with an overall vision to show how product efforts later up to a great vision. This is where Product Marketing can play a strong role in storytelling and positioning to bring it all together. I've seen this execut...