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Vishal Naik
Product Marketing Lead at Google | Formerly DocuSignJuly 14
My biggest piece of advice is to not forget about decision makers and end-users. Developers are a hugely important persona that has a unique set of needs, but they are ultimately not the sole decision
Catlyn Origitano
Senior Director of Product Marketing at Fivetran April 13
Start with the facts. Then add in what actual customers or prospects have said. Or if you don't have that yet - a respected third party - like a Gartner. And only then try to make it clever. I think t
April Rassa
Product Marketing at Cohere | Formerly Adobe, Box, GoogleSeptember 29
Developers don't want to be marketed to. Developers are a sharp, no-nonsense group. They work under deadlines and stress that comes from being asked to deliver on the (next to) impossible. They can sm
Indy Sen
Hypergrowth Leader and Advisor at | Formerly Google, Salesforce, Box, Mulesoft, WeWork, MatterportMay 18
Lol, yes, marketing to developers and technical audiences like data scientists is not for the faint of heart.  They are naturallly suspicious of glitzy marketing, and have very low tolerance for buzz
William Chia
Director of Product Marketing at Osano | Formerly GitLab, TwilioJanuary 31
Marketing and Product have the same job - to delight their users. Product teams delight users with features and marketing teams delight users with content. Like any segment or persona, developers want