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Won Choi
Director Sales Operations at Intercom November 18
I view projects and priorities as "Big Rocks" and "Small Projects." The big rocks are foundational work streams for the business and will help drive the business forward. The small projects are also i
Saad Farooq
Director of Revenue Operations / Customer Care at DigitalOcean January 5
P0: it starts with how Performance Evaluation or Yearly Performance review is done at the org. I'd prioritize based on whatever goal I am going to be rated against in my annual review. P1: What my Lin
Ana Rottaro
Head of Revenue Operations at Clockwise January 11
If you’re the first revenue operations manager, I recommend identifying key revenue operations initiatives the company needs, prioritizing them, and then organizing projects and measuring tasks agains
Mollie Bodensteiner
Global Revenue Operations, Strategy and Planning Leader at Deel December 21
My framework for prioritizing is pretty simple, I like to use a quadrant style prioritization framework and allocate requests into the following format and ensure that I have X% of time allocated to e