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Marisa Currie-Rose
Director of Product Marketing at Shopify January 27
Both Product Marketing and Growth Product Marketing should focus on quantitative impact. Both roles should focus on and track revenue, customer acquisition, and retention, including both lapsed custo
Henrique Saboia
Vice President of Growth at Hinge Health July 24
Finding the best possible KPI to measure the success of a product both qualitatively and quantitatively is incredibly challenging, and very few companies ever get it right. I have found that the OKR p
Kacy Boone
Head of Growth Marketing at Clockwise May 26
There may be times that a product marketer has qualitative goals, but I’d say product marketing (in my experience) has had quantifiable goals more often than not. I think it’s good practice for both g
Jeff Hardison
Head of Product Marketing at Calendly August 11
First off, I love shared KPIs between departments (particularly between product management and product marketing management)! I’m happy you’re thinking this way. Historically, some organizations did m