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5 Answers
Eric Chang
Eric Chang
1Password Director, Product MarketingJanuary 21
I am a huge fan of the STAR format (and also keeping answers to two minutes or less)! For any interview, I think it's important to identify and prepare your key 3-4 examples, which you can then use to display a wide range of skills depending on the question type. When you're responding to a quest......Read More
Jane Reynolds
Jane Reynolds
OkCupid Director of Product MarketingMarch 23
I agree that soft skills are key, and highlighting them during “STAR” stories is a great way to work them into your interview. You can also share them when expressing your interest in the role and/or asking about the role. Most job descriptions include some mention of soft skills, so note that wh......Read More
Robert McGrath
Robert McGrath
CalypsoAI Vice President Global MarketingMay 12
Bring your behaviours into your answers. The relationships you've built, the challenging people you've persuaded etc. It's important to be clear on the activity and the task, but ensure, within the STAR framework, you're not only answering the "what" you did but the "how" you did it.  As an in......Read More
Valerie Angelkos
Valerie Angelkos
Howl VP of Product MarketingMay 24
I'd weave these topics in as you answer the hard skill questions. Depending on your examples, theu could be easier to be included. Things to touch upon: 1. Leadership + Influencing without authority  2. Collaboration with XFN teams 3. Dealing with ambiguity (in particular in startup/smaller ......Read More
Abdul Rastagar
Abdul Rastagar
GTM Leader | Marketing Author | Career CoachNovember 20
While interviewers focus on your response to the hard skills question, they are simultaneously evaluating your soft skills as well. Generally, they are evaluating your EQ and your communication skills, your ability to interpret questions and think critically in real time, and your ability to prov......Read More
Marcus Andrews
Marcus Andrews Sr. Director of Product MarketingDecember 16
This is my version of the "T-Shaped marketer". It's how I coach PMMs to develop their skills. I think starting by developing a great generalist base of knowledge is key. From there getting good ......Read More