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Product Marketing Director at

I had a PMM candidate tell me that he was not comfortable presenting to audiences. Obviously a deal-breaker there. Every PMM needs to present.

I've reviewed resumes or LinkedIn pages which were poorly written. Not someone I am going to call, as every PMM needs to write well. If writing isn't your strength, make sure that you have a friend review your personal materials so you get the chance to impress with your other qualities.

More generally, I always want to be sure that a PMM can "get their hands dirty" delivering the work. PMMs often have the same background and general intelligence as consultants, but it's not a consulting job. You don't succeeed at product marketing by issuing recommendations and then expecting someone else to deliver on them---it's all you, buddy! So I try to probe about how a candidate has actually delivered the accomplishments that are on their resume. If digging in reveals that they weren't a tactical & practical player at some point, I will pass.

Marketing Director at Boomi
My top 2 based on recent experiences: * Very rudimentary but using bullets from the job description instead of actually writing what you did and what was the result, is still not as common in resumes as it should be.  * If the stories/achievements you are hoping to talk about in the inte...more
Director of Product Marketing at Klaviyo
Getting on my soapbox here for a second (though I suppose I've been on it this whole time) — make sure your resume is concise and clear. It should be 2 pages MAX, ideally 1 page. I don't care if you've been in the industry for 30 years, you should be able to distill down your experience into 1 or...more
GTM Lead at Benchling
There seems to be a common thread among talented marketers who don’t do well in their interviews - responses sound generic, answers are often way too long and provide too much background information, and there is little to no focus on outcomes.  For product marketers, outcomes are the number on...more
Director of Product Marketing at PandaDoc
This is a red flag for me:  * Answering behavioral questions with hypotheticals and generalities as opposed to describing specifics of the projects they worked on and using the CAR model (challenge — action — results). If I can get no specifics even after I follow-up with clarifying qu...more
Head Of Product Marketing at 3Gtms
This isn't about avoidance or red flags, but what I consider the single most important behavioral question to ask, whether you are the one interviewing or the one being interviewed: When you're in the kitchen, do you like to cook or do you like to bake? The answer is so incredibly telling abou...more
Director of Product Marketing at Skopenow
In initial PMM interview screens I always ask the same question (partially because it just works and partially because it sets a nice running baseline for me); 'Describe to me your favourite product to me. Tell me what is it, why you like it, and what sets it apart.' This gets to the fundimental ...more