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Brandon McGraw
Sr. Director, Head of Product Marketing, DoorDashMarch 31
I myself come from a less than traditional path to PMM after spending the first half of my career on the brand side of the house. I may be biased, but I think less than traditional backgrounds are really valuable in a PMM and I typically look for a couple of key characteristics: Trust Building I look at roles this person has had before and ask about the stakeholders they've had to work with. So much of PMM is being at the center of a wheel where you need to operate without top-down automony. I look for stories of times where they were able to use the trust they built to execute beyond t...
Mike Polner
VP Marketing, Cameo | Formerly Uber, Fivestars, Electronic ArtsDecember 12
In general, I don't really think "background" is that important. To me, background does not = skills. I hire for signal on skill and not for whether or not somebody has done something before.  We have some absolutely incredible PMMs on Eats and almost all of them came from a background that was not Product Marketing.  Because the function and the role is growing so quickly, you rarely find somebody who's spent 5 years in Consumer PMM for example. Instead, hone your skills.  Uncover great insights, run a bunch of research and get really good at understanding customers, competition a...
Jasmine Anderson Taylor
Senior Director, Product Marketing, InstacartJune 2
If someone is new to PMM, there are two skills I look for: 1. Strategic thinking: Can you demonstrate an ability to take an intentional, rational thought process when solving problems? Can you get creative about solving a problem while also never losing sight of the end goal? Can you solve a problem as it develops / as you receive new information?  2. Ability to prioritize and execute: Can you cut through noise and narrow in on what’s most critically important? Once you have a plan, can you make that plan a reality?
Rayleen Hsu
Head of Consumer Product Marketing, NextdoorMarch 2
Whether you are an experienced or aspiring product marketer, these are the qualities I look for in product marketing hires:  * Customer obsessed. Product marketing is the voice of the customer and a successful product marketer is one that is customer obsessed and keeps the consumer at the core of all that they do. Product marketing's role is to help inform the product roadmap and market new products and features to consumers. If we don't have a deep understanding of who our customers are and what they care about we simply cannot do our job well.  * Analytical. Marketing is...
Hege Thorbjornsen Starling
Director of Product Marketing & Development, hims & hersJune 13
It all depends on the role I am hiring for and what stage a company is at, but on a general note, I would look for transferable experience and skills that could work well for the role. Crafting messaging/positioning, identifying user insights and translating them into strategy, influencing product/technical roadmaps, understanding market behaviors and trends, project managing projects from start to finish, Go-to-market campaigns (integrated or channel based), product development & packaging is all experience that is super valuable for consumer product marketing For example if you have be...
Brianne Shally
Head of Product Marketing, Nextdoor
It’s difficult to define growth by titles since titles vary greatly by company and company maturity. Also, more and more companies are shying away from title heavy culture. When you consider growth and trajectory, I encourage you to evaluate it based on your goals, what you want to learn, and what you want to do next vs. a title. Focusing on obtaining a title can be short sighted and may result on you being lost after you achieve it. That said, with career progression top of mind, here are some tips:  * Perform at the next level: Companies want to see that you can demonstrate perfor...