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AMA: Culture Amp Director of Product Marketing, Ambika Aggarwal
on Competitive Positioning
September 23 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 3d 12h 47m 27s

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Top Questions
How do you perform extensive competitive product research? I've been tasked with it but I'm missing the mark. This research is for the CEO and Product/Engineering teams who want to know how our tech stacks up in the market. Do you have any tips?
How do you create competitive intel that is really beneficial to sales (i.e. they actually read and use it)?
The product marketers job typically revolves around positioning a product. Sometimes, it can be difficult to align sales, marketing, and product teams around your positioning. What do you use or do to get people to buy into your positioning plans and consistently using them? Thanks!
How do you disseminate competitive positioning to your sales team?
How do you stay on top of competitors when it's a crowded market and things are changing every day?
What's your approach to competitive differentiation?
How does this inform your core messaging, how do you enable sales to understand what makes you different/better, how do you know if it's working with your target buyers?
What is your philosophy when it comes to competitors? What constitutes a competitor, and what is the goal you have in mind when you conduct competitor analysis?
How do you view positioning and messaging for the overall product as different from positioning and messaging for a launch? And how do you approach one vs. the other?
This for companies with multiple feature-rich products that are being managed by a very small (i.e. 1-3) PMMs.
How does one create a "positioning document?"
Our organization is focusing on a new customer segment and channel. My CMO has asked me to create a "positioning document" that we can share with senior leadership that articulates how we're going to market to this segment. Does anyone have a template or (and NDA-compliant) example document I could use as a model? Just trying to understand what type of information to include and how best to organize it. Thanks!
What metric, goal or KPI can you put on providing competitive intelligence to the company or product teams?
I work in a company that measures the impact of all projects, but admittedly this is a difficult area to track. Would love to any suggestions/thoughts.
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