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AMA: Eightfold Senior Director, Product Marketing, Jessica Scrimale on Sales Enablement
August 17 @ 10:00am PST

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Sales Enablement With Jessica Scrimale, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Eightfold
Top Questions
How do you tell a multi-product story through sales collateral?
for example, how do you tie products to fit together instead of going to market with one product/one focus point?
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Eightfold
Ooh, this is a fun one and a big one! This is solution selling, and it starts by understanding buyer needs and pain points. Uncover the pain points your buyers are facing, and then map outcomes that your company can deliver on - not individual products - to those pain points to form an outline fo...more
What's your best practice for making sure competitive, personas, and market research info is always up-to-date, moving from product marketing to sales materials?
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Eightfold
This is tough, but you can prevent foundational PMM assets from going stale by having (1) defined processes (e.g., establishing which components of your market intelligence are most important to update and on what cadence, and using what inputs), (2) quarterly prioritization to revisit key assets...more
What's the best way to create a sales playbook that gets used by sales?
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Eightfold
Sales is most likely to use an asset that product marketing creates if they influence the asset as it comes together. I like to create a working team with a cross-section of sellers to provide input and feedback on the playbook. Make sure your playbook is aligned to the sales methodology that you...more
What is the most successful way you've seen marketing teams launch sales enablement material with sales teams?
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Eightfold
The most successful internal launches are often big ones (i.e., rolling out a new product or sales methodology such as solution selling), and in my experience, they include: (1) an executive sponsor (2) alignment with business priorities and (3) internal momentum.  1. An executive sponsor is ke...more
For a product marketer who only spends a portion of their time working on sales enablement with little face-to-face time with sales, what's the best way to get buy in from a large sales team?
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Eightfold
Find a few successful, well-respected sales reps and cultivate strong relationships with them. Get their input on what you're working on, ask for advice on how (and with whom!) to socialize your work with, and use that political savvy to focus on the key stakeholders within sales that have more i...more
How do you disseminate competitive positioning to your sales team?
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Eightfold
I've seen this done a number of different ways. Typically we have dedicated time with the field to train them on the positioning. You can get buy-in from the head of sales and enablement (if you have one) to schedule a standalone session that you run to help train the field on the positioning.  ...more
What are some ways you can build credibility with Sales, ensuring that they will leverage your messaging and materials?
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Eightfold
This is all about relationships, credibility/expertise, and your ability to help sellers. Once you can demonstrate that you can help them by bringing your perspective to what they're doing to make them smarter, more consultative, more well-informed, etc., the more they'll trust you and the better...more
What metrics determine whether or not sales enablement materials created by Product Marketing are both actually being used and are helping to win deals and shorten sales cycles?
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Eightfold
Internal sales surveys or qualitative feedback (e.g., 'what decks do you use when pitching?' 'what assets are most helpful?') can work. If you have an internal sales wiki built where you host assets, you may be able to access analytics about how many visits/pageviews/downloads you're seeing acros...more
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