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AMA: Quantum Metric Senior Director, Product Marketing, Christine Tran
on Managing Analyst Relationships
July 28 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Christine Tran, Head of Product Marketing at Quantum Metric
Top Questions
What is the anatomy of a great analyst briefing deck?
Head of Product Marketing at Quantum Metric
In general, a good flow for an introductory briefing deck is:  1. Introductions, and why you're here: I always like to start the conversation with a little context on why you've requested a briefing with the analyst. So I'll have a slide or just a few talking points on their specific re...more
I'm about to make my companies first analyst briefing deck. I've made them in the past but want to make a really kick ass one this time around. Would anyone be willing to share theirs or one that they've liked in the past?
Head of Product Marketing at Quantum Metric
I covered the basic flow of an introductory briefing deck in another question. I'd be happy to connect with you 1-1 to walk through yours and share a bit of mine :) Find me on LinkedIn! I've found 3 things that have really helped me have good analyst briefings. 1. Being very thoughtful and v...more
How do you measure and communicate progress for your analyst relations program, when it can sometimes take a couple years to see results?
Head of Product Marketing at Quantum Metric
This is a great question and top of mind for me right now.  For your executives, their primary goal may be to get into a Forrester Wave or Magic Quadrant. Yes, that would be the ultimate win, but it can be a long game AND there are many other ways to measure success over the life of a program....more
What can we do if there's no Wave or MQ for our category?
Head of Product Marketing at Quantum Metric
This is the situation we're in right now. Our AR program is three years old and it's an ongoing initiative to identify and vet the right analysts, build relationships, and education/inform/influence their research roadmap. Here are a few tactics I'm using: 1. Identify the analysts who (will) wr...more