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AMA: Atlassian PMM Sr. Team Lead (Trello), Jessica Webb Kennedy on Messaging
November 18 @ 10:00am PST

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Messaging With Jessica Webb, PMM Sr. Team Lead (Trello) at Atlassian
Top Questions
What are some common Messaging mistakes you see Product Marketers make?
PMM Sr. Team Lead (Trello) at Atlassian
One of the biggest mistakes I see when it comes to messaging in product marketing is trying to write to everybody at once. This comes back to the importance of who you are actually trying to reach with your content, if your language is too broad it won't land with anybody, better to be specific a...more
How do you think about features, advantages and benefits in the context of messaging?
PMM Sr. Team Lead (Trello) at Atlassian
I think when it comes to features <> benefits in messaging you really can't have one without the other. Features are the what, benefits are the why - people need to be painted a picture of how you are going to help them solve their problems. A checklist alone doesn't make someone more productive,...more
How do you test your messaging? How can you know what your target audience likes/doesn't like? Is interested in or finds boring?
PMM Sr. Team Lead (Trello) at Atlassian
One of my favorite ways to test messaging is to ask people outside of my team/company/and even industry to review content I create. You can do this on a grander scale with things like but you can also hack it together on different platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. Sometimes I w...more
We often talk about product messaging in the context of a new product launch. Can you share your perspective and best practices for repositioning a mature, market-leading product?
PMM Sr. Team Lead (Trello) at Atlassian
Research, research, research! This is something we embarked on a few years ago for Trello - we had been acquired by Atlassian and over time we needed to cement our place as a mission-critical tool for businesses. We had made our name in the space of being a loveable freemium product that many use...more
Should messaging/positioning change from release to release? Or should it be broad enough to carry you through at least a year?
PMM Sr. Team Lead (Trello) at Atlassian
I think it's essential to have some sort of lasting and broader messaging house for everybody internally to rely on. It's the only way to scale and maintain messaging across an organization. Internally for us, this looks like Confluence documentation
What are short and sweet messaging templates or frameworks that you and your team use?
I am looking for messaging templates. Our team is looking for something short and sweet. If you have a template you can share, that would be great.
PMM Sr. Team Lead (Trello) at Atlassian
A great way to think about framing your messaging is by starting out with a short paragraph outlining who you are talking to and why they should care or need your solution/product. At Atlassian, we often start with these questions: Is this how you want your product or service to be represented? A...more
Brand marketing efforts usually get discredited because it's hard to measure revenue. How do you build a business case to invest in it, and what should you do first as a SaaS product?
PMM Sr. Team Lead (Trello) at Atlassian
This is always a challenge but in a lot of ways, I think it comes back to understanding that your brand isn't just what YOU say it's what the community says about you. Dave Gerhardt CBO at Drift has a ton of content around this, one thing he says that I wholeheartedly agree with is "What people s...more