Katie Gerard

AMA: Workhuman Head of Product Marketing, Katie Gerard on Pivoting into PMM from other functions

May 28 @ 11:00AM PST
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Workhuman Head of Product Marketing, Katie Gerard on Pivoting into PMM from other functions
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Top Questions
What advice would you give to people transitioning into product marketing from less common roles like investment banking/finance?
I am in the process of pivoting my career from Content Marketing to Product Marketing. What are some helpful resources, workshops, and/or online courses I should check out to help make the transition easier?
I am staying at the same company as I transition from Content to Product Marketing. There hasn't been any form of Product Marketing in the past so this would be a new initiative. I would like to get started on the right path in order to build a great Product Marketing foundation.
Any tips for someone in sales looking to move to product marketing ?
Im currently in sales and am interested in pursuing a career in product marketing . I would love some advice on possible courses or best practices .
I have been doing Services Marketing for years but people do not recognise that Services Marketing is product marketing, where services is the product. What is your opinion and how do you suggest to articulate my expertise, SaaS or PMM?
I'd love to make the jump from consulting into product marketing, and would love any advice you have for making that transition. How would you suggest showing that my skills are transferable to product marketing?
I have just moved into Product Marketing from Customer Retention. My questions are, 1) what is the core job of a product marketer, and 2) what skills do I need to work on?
I am an MBA student and interested in product marketing. I am currently helping an early stage startup, However, I am the only product marketer. What are the things I must make sure I do so that it helps me get the next job ?
How to develop product marketing skills while not in a PMM role (to prepare for a career switch)?
Hi , Thank you for doing this! I have a PMM background from about 5 years ago ( for about 3 years) , then worked in more general marketing roles ( like demand gen) for a couple of years, went to bschool and now I’m in a pricing role - which is not exactly PMM. I want to make the pivot back into PMM . How can I leverage what I am doing currently and what I have done in the past, to take on a messaging, positioning and enablement PMM role ?
I currently work in marketing (GTM) and want to move into a product marketing role, but my manager is intentionally making it difficult for me because he doesn't want me promoted out from under him... Any advice?
What advice do you have for marketing professionals who want to break into working as PMM in the SaaS industry but without any prior SaaS experience? What skills should we improve? Thank you!
What is the best thing about being a product marketer and what is the biggest challenge? How do you overcome this challenge?
What are some suggestions or tips for how to segue in product marketing?
I’m relatively new to marketing (have done some freelancing in social media and influencer marketing). But I have a strong interest in messaging, positioning and understanding the customer, and I think Product Marketing could be a good fit for me.
What is your advise for someone looking to transition from Solution Engineering - Presales to Product Marketing within a B2B SaaS organization?
How can a digital marketer transition into product marketing?