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AMA: Okta VP, Industry Solutions, Christiana Rattazzi
on Developing Your Product Marketing Career
November 02 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 1m 13d 11h 37m

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Top Questions
I am actively interviewing for PMM opportunities and in at least 4 out of 5 scenarios hiring managers went ahead with internal candidates. What can I do to improve my interview performance?
An additional complexity in my case is that I need visa sponsorship from the company to take up any role.
What do you look for when promoting a Product Marketer from individual contributor to people manager?
How do you drive alignment across the exec team on messaging
When moving from a Sr PMM role to ‘lead’, what are those attributes that person should embody?
How do you perform extensive competitive product research? I've been tasked with it but I'm missing the mark. This research is for the CEO and Product/Engineering teams who want to know how our tech stacks up in the market. Do you have any tips?
What are some key attributes that an experienced PMM has or needs to get to SPMM?
What is your favorite product marketing interview question and the best answer you've heard?
What comes after head of PMM, e.g. if you want to move to VP of a marketing team, how to do that? And how to ensure that you're getting knowledge of other marketing functions (e.g. paid) so that you are equipped to lead an entire marketing team (vs. just a PMM discipline)?
What is the single most important thing to consider when choosing a company?
Earlier this year. I had an interview which I think went well but after the assignment. I did not move forward to the next round. I would like to how you would handle this assignment. To be better prepared in similar situations. here the quest?
As mentioned, the next part of this process is to complete a brief assignment. The purpose of this assignment is just to see your methodology get some insight into your approach to tasks. For this assignment, I'd like for you to create a high-level go-to-market plan and strategy for Certain's flagship product our event marketing platform. Certain traditionally has targeted enterprise b2b companies. I'd like you to come up with high-level messaging, define who the target audience is, and then detail your strategy for informing the market about our event platform and getting more leads. Please identify which channels you would use, and what you would need for this go-to-market launch. Please keep your response under 2 pages.
I'm putting in my Product Marketing and Sales Enablement budget for next year. What line items should I consider?
I already have things like Customer Visits, a Sales Enablement / Content Management tool, SKO, pricing model consulting. What am I missing?