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AMA: Wealthsimple Director of Product Marketing, Shezana Manji on Influencing the Product Roadmap
October 13 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Shezana Manji, Director of Product Marketing at Wealthsimple
Top Questions
How do you perform extensive competitive product research? I've been tasked with it but I'm missing the mark. This research is for the CEO and Product/Engineering teams who want to know how our tech stacks up in the market. Do you have any tips?
Director of Product Marketing at Wealthsimple
If your'e missing the mark, take a step back. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the business challenge you're trying to solve (why do we need this research, what decisions will it help drive). I will share a tangable example of how we approached "how does our tech stack up" At a previ...more
What are mistakes product marketers make when trying to influence the roadmap that end up damaging their relationship with product managers?
Director of Product Marketing at Wealthsimple
A wise mentor once told me, there is a very big difference between being respected and being liked. You don't need your PM to like you, you need them to respect you.  With that being said, remember that as a PMM you're a strategic partner to the product management team. PMs are ultimately respon...more
How do you get product management to bring you into initial design process?
Director of Product Marketing at Wealthsimple
As product marketers, we need customers to believe in the why (value, benefits), the how and what become proof points. This is also a critical input for the design team to create the right solution to the problem. I have never struck out by telling the PM and UX lead that I will be better at my j...more
Our product team has a difficult time sticking to timelines. This makes launches pretty difficult to manage without creating large lapses in communication. Any strategies to manage this?
Director of Product Marketing at Wealthsimple
Working from a place of positive intent, some R&D teams may not realize that launch activities are as much work at building a new product/feature. They don't see all the planing and activities that go into it.  Whether or not you have program managment function: build a clear project plan for gt...more
How does your product marketing team usually work with your product team?
Director of Product Marketing at Wealthsimple
I believe most organizations product marketers are leverage as either Inbound PMMs or Outbound PMMs.  Inbound PMMs are focused on insights that feed the product roadmap; pricing and packaging, and product positioning that feeds into the marketing strategy.  Outbound PMMs are focused on go-to-ma...more