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AMA: HubSpot VP of Product and Solutions Marketing, Vidya Drego on Developing Your Product Marketing Career
January 19 @ 9:00am PST
Starts in 1d 21h 17m 39s

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Top Questions
What is your favorite product marketing interview question and the best answer you've heard?
How do you measure your own success in your role? How much have those performance indicators evolved as you grew within your role?
Where do you see the future of Growth & Product Marketing heading? What skills will a future Growth & Product Marketer need, that he/she doesn't have today?
What are some good resources to practice for PMM interview questions and case studies?
What type of skillsets and experiences do I need to build in order to strengthen my career and move from being a Sr. PMM to Director level and above? What type of leadership career tracks do you see people continue their careers?
For PMM interviews, what are helpful resources you'd recommend and types of questions to prepare for from both hiring managers and cross-functional partners?
How do product marketers make sure they're learning enough varied skills to be a well-rounded professional when scope is an issue? (i.e. working at a large company with minimal scope, focusing on sales enablement but knowing you need experience on the product launch side, other marketing teams covering responsibilities, etc.)
As a new product marketer I am struggling with messaging. What is the best way to develop this skill?
If you're trying to make a pivot into product marketing, what advice do you have for highlighting transferrable skills and addressing gaps?
My most recent experience is doing partner marketing at Toast, which was on the same team as product marketing, doing partner product launches, running our partner program, doing sales enablement, and planning/executing campaigns. I have experience in content marketing at Tripadvisor (where I helped grow product adoption of a new product), and project management experience at the WiMAX Forum (where I empowered member companies like Hitachi, Siemens, GE, and more to bring WiMAX technologies to market as part of their product offerings).
If you’re looking to break into product marketing, is it helpful to have an advanced degree like a Masters Degree in Marketing or an MBA?
What are the fundamental differences between a PMM and a senior PMM? What are some clear indicators that someone is ready to take on a senior PMM role and the responsibilities that come with it? And, when in the senior PMM role, what are the key stages that distinguish the different levels of senior PMMs?
How best can a product marketer keep up-to-date on their skillset or formal learning in a world where marketing tools are constantly becoming obsolete?
With respect to mergers and acquisitions, what are the steps and priorities you take to integrate the newly acquired product into your overall product marketing strategy?
What hard skills are must haves to be a PMM leader? What are nice to haves?
Are there any companies whose product marketing you really admire, either overall or particular elements?
The job of a PMM can vary greatly from company to company, industry to industry, and even based on where they report to (Product vs Marketing). What have you found to be successful in defining your career as a PMM?
If I don't want to be a CMO, what future executive role should I be shooting for as a PMM?
How do you determine success metrics for a promotion for product marketing managers? Are there any key metrics someone must meet before they qualify?
Product Marketing Manager roles are inherently multifaceted. Is there one particular area of focus you recommend developing more than others? Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Which are the particularities of a Product Marketing role in a SaaS company?
As a product marketer, is it important to have an online portfolio to showcase some of the work that you've done in the past?
How can I get into B2B SaaS product marketing from my current B2B SaaS Solution Engineer role? Could you highlight the transferable skills and gaps you see in this case. How to address the gaps?
Do you recommend product marketers focus in on being great at one specific niche (skill, industry, etc.) or try to be more of a generalist.
For individuals who have an account management background looking to pivot into product marketing, do you have tips on how one should navigate technical questions during the interview knowing that one has not had hands-on experience in their current / past roles?
I’m the first PMM hire in my company. What advice would you give to someone tasked with establishing this function in an existing business structure?
Do you recommend developing deep focus in B2B or B2C PMM work? Are skills transferable? When you look for a candidate do you look for B2B or B2C experience specifically?
The business world is shifting greatly towards delivering exceptional Customer Experience (CX) and most Product marketing departments are being aligned with the CX teams to delight customers. Would you advice a product marketer to get certification in CX if they wish to grow in their field?
How can PMMs show that they are adding value within the business to the leadership team? Are there any quick / day-to-day tactics that can help to get buy-in from senior leaders?
How have you set yourself up for promotion at a company?
This is in relation to not moving companies for a promotion it’s about how to get promoted at the existing company you are at. Also would love any insights to how establish the organization was in marketing as it relates to promote-ability.
What metrics do you use to justify a pay raise?
I’m the only product marketer in our company and I’m definitely overworked.
What is your advice to someone with a background in software sales who wants to move into Product Marketing? Have you hired someone with a sales background for a PM role? If so, what convinced you to hire that person? What are the top skills someone with a background in sales might be lacking that are critical for a PM role? What about skills that would translate well?
What are some of the key certifications or courses one should have if they aspire to become a product marketer?
I'm a digital marketing specialist looking to transition to product marketing
How does your team divide up the responsibility between the PMM team and the Campaign team? How has that worked for the new products/new markets for existing products that company has wanted to go into, where the campaign team cannot just package up existing asset but needs to create a PoV?
What are some of the best resources for Product Marketers to refer to as they grow in their careers?
What pointed recommendations do you have on gaining influence as a new member of an organization or as a junior product marketing team member?
How, namely during the pandemic, has networking played a role in developing your career and what are some actionable examples?
What are some suggestions or tips for how to segue in product marketing?
I’m relatively new to marketing (have done some freelancing in social media and influencer marketing). But I have a strong interest in messaging, positioning and understanding the customer, and I think Product Marketing could be a good fit for me.