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7 Answers
Marcus Andrews
Marcus Andrews Sr. Director of Product MarketingDecember 15
It certainly depends but I'd say it's more important to have the right soft skills. Specifically for product marketing teams. What PMMs do can really vary company to company. So while it's likely your hard skills will at least "sort of" transfer, there is no gaurentee.  So, communication, flexib......Read More
Eric Chang
Eric Chang
1Password Director, Product MarketingJanuary 20
If I had to choose one I would (slightly) lean towards soft skills. Having the right soft skills is what I believe enables a PMM to find the biggest opportunities and drive buy-in/alignment so that they can have the most impact. That being said, the main variable that would make me prioritize har......Read More
Jane Reynolds
Jane Reynolds
OkCupid Director of Product MarketingMarch 22
I find that people with strong soft skills often have the ability to pick up the hard skills quickly. People who’ve honed their soft skills are proactive about asking the right questions, and are motivated to sharpen any hard skills that may be lacking, or need improvement. In basically any role ......Read More
Valerie Angelkos
Valerie Angelkos
Howl VP of Product MarketingMay 24
I think it depends ultimately on what the team needs. In a highly technical area, I'd value industry and product knowledge highly, as long as the person is then coachable and open to learn on other areas within the PMM world. In a not so technical area, I'd prioritize PMM skillsets over other are......Read More
Liz Tassey (she/her)
Liz Tassey (she/her) VP of MarketingJuly 8
I think it's a balance, but if I had to choose, leaning in to those soft skills is a great strategy when you are starting out.   It's really important to go into a new team / company with a really strong growth mindset and a relationship building / collaboration ethos. Be curious, meet with yo......Read More
Robert McGrath
Robert McGrath
CalypsoAI Vice President Global MarketingMay 11
A lot depends on the type of role. In general hard skills is where a lot of hiring managers would edge towards as it ensures the technicality of the role can be carried out. Soft skills are also vitally important and shouldn't be ignored. For soft skills, in a cross-functional role, it's virtuall......Read More
Abdul Rastagar
Abdul Rastagar
GTM Leader | Marketing Author | Career CoachNovember 19
The ideal candidate will have both but that’s often not possible. For me personally, I think the soft skills are far more important. Especially at the more junior and even mid-management levels, the hard skills can be taught. The soft skills are much more difficult to teach. As an executive, you......Read More