Product Marketing Career Path

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What type of opportunities should current product marketers seek out in order to best position themselves to lead the product marketing function at a company?
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I'm starting a new job next week! Would love to hear your top tips in general as well as at the director level.
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i.e. working at a large company with minimal scope, focusing on sales enablement but knowing you need experience on the product launch side, other marketing teams covering responsibilities, etc.
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Typically, these roles require 3-5 years of experience and/or an MBA. Are there roles we should target instead that will help transition into product marketing? What qualities do you want to see in young professionals that want to land in product marketing?
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There is often a huge emphasis on analytical skills, instead of brand marketing skills, when it comes to product marketing job descriptions.
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I get a lot of critical feedback from my boss and I don't always know what to do with it or how to improve. Sometimes I don't even agree with the feedback.
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It can sometimes be a struggle for those on the executive team, or in higher leadership roles, to see the value that product marketing is bringing to the business - especially if they do not have regular interaction. How do you build visibility for you and/or your team, and clearly communicate the achievements and activities throughout the year?
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