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Diana Smith
Director of Brand and Product Marketing, at Twilio July 16
We match internal promotion based on the level of the product announcement. Small updates are little features that mostly existing customers are excited about. Medium updates are larger changes that p
Christine Sotelo-Dag
Director of Product Marketing & Customer Marketing at Mode Analytics March 17
I think this depends largely on the size of an update - and the audience.  For our largest releases, they are communicated early and often - to drum up excitement. Through company all hands, sales tra
Suyog Deshpande
Sr. Director | Head Of Product & Partner Marketing at Samsara June 30
Why do you want to communicate updates and activities? If the goal is to communicate just the work the team has been doing, then I don't think that you should be communicating this to a large audienc
Jam Khan
Senior Vice President Product Marketing at 6sense July 20
The key here is consistency. Find a channel that works and stick to it. Else it becomes to fractured and fragmented. You can use a slack channel, you can have a dedicated section in your sales enablem
Catlyn Origitano
Senior Director of Product Marketing at Fivetran April 13
We are a slack heavy company. So we have our own announcement channel for all things Marketing that I actually started so that we could share our updates!  We also do quarterly roadmaps and retros wh
Sarah Din
VP of Product Marketing at Quickbase January 19
Internal comms is sometimes undervalued, but in my opinion, it is one of the most important parts of a PMM's role, especially because product marketing is one of the very few roles that are extremely
Jack Wei
Head of Product Marketing at Sendbird | Formerly SmartRecruiters, Mixpanel, DeloitteJanuary 26
Internal newsletters, revenue org all-hands, relevant slack channels, and team-specific meetings. Of course, not every activity is shared through every channel. Depending on the "size" of the project
Madison Leonard 🕶
Product Marketing & Growth Advisor at | Formerly ClickUp, Vanta, DreamWorks AnimationDecember 7
I'm a huge fan of slack messages. I usually create a public slack channel and add key stakeholders to it. I'll bookmark resources to the top for easy self-serve access. Then, I'll post an update once
Tracy Montour
Head of Product Marketing at HiredScore July 28
It depends on the size of your company. This will become more challenging as the size of the company scales. At a company with less than 200 employees it is pretty easy to maintain relationships with