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Vice President of Marketing at Snorkel AI
Product Management and Product Marketing are two sides of the same coin. Organizationally there are benefits to both approaches. As a product manager, I have had product marketers on my team, and as a product marketer, I have reported into the Head of Marketing as well.  This decision is depen...more
Product Marketing Manager at Tubular Labs
This depends on the company and what it needs the role of product marketing to be. This boils down to: what gap is the company trying to fill? I'll use my role as an example, and for context, Full Circle Insights is a six year old startup with a sort of technical product aimed at enterprises/busi...more
Director of Product Marketing at Skopenow
It can work in many places, but I find it to be the most effective if it is either within Marketing or on its own entirely so that marketing is properly on message. I often draw a venn diagram of product marketing. Product marketing has changed dramatically since the days when the Pragmatic frame...more
CEO at PipeDreams Ventures
There are good arguments for either. My team is in the marketing org so I have a bias towards that structure :) Ultimately it comes down to people and where you think PMM can have the most impact and benefit from a resourcing and influence standpoint. I don't think there's a dogmatic answer or a...more
Co-founder & CEO at Chameleon
Based on some research we did (admittendly small sample size), we found that 2/3 report to CMO / VP Marketing and only ~10% to Product. undefined [] Source: A New Definition of Product Marketing [] At...more
Head of Product Marketing, Advertising Cloud at Adobe

Thoughtful answers, Feng! In my experience, resource-wise its best to be with the marketing team & budget. Tech-wise, product. If you want to pull your hair out all the time, sales :)

Head Of Product Marketing at SignEasy

Would you still say that if we were discussing a product-first organization, where PMs had carte blanche in terms of budgets, and marketing had to justify each dollar spent?

Head of Growth & Marketing at Glitch
This is related to the question above with regards to marketing's ability to influence the roadmap. There's no right or wrong way to do this. It's a matter of the role a CEO wants marketing to play within the organization. When a product is nascent or acting as a challenger within the market, I f...more
Director of Product Marketing at Narvar
I’ve not personally sat on a product team (so I’m admittedly biased.) But I would vote for it to live in marketing. Here’s why - the essential functions of these teams are different: * Product Team - exists to build great products  * Marketing Team - exists to communicate the value of the prod...more
VP, Product at Barracuda Networks
This reminds me of the classic "SDR team in sales or marketing" debate. The answer is that it can work in either place and really doesn't matter as long as PMM and the rest of marketing are communicating and working together effectively. If that's not happening, you have a much bigger issue that ...more
Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Fivestars
While there are benefits to both, judging from my experience, I believe PMM reporting into Marketing is more effective. * Reporting into makreting creates stronger ties between PMM and the revenue organziation (marketing, sales, operations, etc.) and can therefore lead to more buy-in from...more
Director, Product Marketing at PagerDuty
I've reported into both in my career and the best I can come up with is "it depends". As an overall philosophy, I would generally prefer to report into marketing, because it creates the right level of healthy conflict between the CMO and CPO (Chief Product Officer or SVP Product) that you need in...more
Senior Director, Product Marketing Strategy at Zuora
The more technical your product and complex your use cases, i.e. selling to enterprise customers, then PMM can report into Product. This is what we do at Zuora and other companies I’ve worked at. The less technical the product and the less complex your use cases, i.e. selling to SMB/MM customers...more
Director of Product Marketing at Zendesk
I personally think Product Marketing should report into Marketing with the head of the whole product marketing function reporting directly to the CMO. This is exactly how we’re organized at Zendesk and I’ve found this reporting structure seems to work well for our team. I believe it’s because eve...more
A Product Marketing Manager’s position varies depending on the company. However, you will find yourself from time to time working very closely together with the PM and count yourselves as part of the team. So depending on the situation, company organization, and phase you are at it will be advisa...more
Group Vice President, Industry Marketing at Oracle
I firmly believe that Product Marketing should report into the Marketing org for one central reason: PMM is a communications-driven role requiring the ability to effectively craft and convey messages across all mediums. While we need to have a strong understanding of our customers, what problems ...more
Director of Product Management, Speech AI at Cisco
I have been in marketing and product org -- both places and see pros and cons for both. It all depends on the strength of the PM team and their skills.  > If PM team is strong enough to own end-to-end product responsibilities including how to build for new verticals etc, -- then PMM under mark...more